Disability and Mental Health

Welcome to MortonCo pty ltd disability and mental health services. Our focus is client focused and staff retention so that we can provide stable supports for our valued clients.

Client focused is our vision.

Our top priority is to prioritize our clients. Mortoncoptyltd places a high priority on adhering to client needs and goals. Our staff-friendly culture is another one of our strengths. In the same spirit of decency and respect as we treat our clients.

Disability and Mental Health Supports

Our experienced staff can support you in reaching your ndis goals. We can provide full staff, 24 hour care. Please feel free to contact us to see whether we can assist you.

Focus on Staff Retention

We have a strong focus on looking after our staff to retain long term employment relationships . We find clients thrive best with consistancy of staffing. If you pay your staff well and look after them, our clients benefit. Its a win-win. 1+1

Our story.
The mental health and disability is a growing sector. We saw a need for retaining good staff for clients. Clients concerns sometimes is a high turn over of different support workers.  Which in turn creates instabliity in there lives.

By treating staff and clients with respect, both go hand in hand . Working together so that the clients have a very positive experience and most of all feel that there needs are being met.

  • Newcastle NSW, Australia

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